22 September 2015

'collared dove / a browncream flutter'

This blog's been having a rest. Time compressed itself, then expanded out, and then dimmed - but the blog was here all the time, or at least hanging in a virtual cloud, waiting for me to come back. Where have I been? What have I done? 'What is illuminated – where is it I see, the collared dove / a browncream flutter in the peripheral – / on gazing upon the lion on its column & the town’s/ squat gate, with the arrow loops?' Is that a horse, cantering furiously in the corner of my eye? Or have I got an eye-twitch? Why is my music suddenly silent, as if a tiny elf had slipped under the table and cut the wire to the machine? Why is one of Francis Bacon's half-faced popes blazing a trail into my brain? Why is Henry Miller's 'work schedule 1932-1933' such a crucial part of my daily ritual? Why is my garden full of spiders? Why did I swear at my laptop yesterday? How can two brands of camomile tea have such different flavours? Why do I still love that t-shirt with the otter on, even though said otter has faded and now resembles a penis? Is that penis the true symbol for what the otter thought it represented? Am I a cock? Where is my music? Where is that bloody elf? 

I'm really sorry I can't answer any of these questions.
I can, however, offer you a few morsels of poetry to keep you feeding at this trough of shame. I had one of my poems published at New Boots and Pantisocracies, which is Andy Jackson and Bill Herbert's post-election poetry project, which has now grown legs like a caterpillar and marched well past the one hundred days it allotted to itself. You can read 'Masters' here. I also wrote a poem for Jack Thacker and his project at the University of Bristol, about a seedy bath-house that would have been outside Bristol city limits when it is set, in Coleridge's time. If you want to read that you will have to download the app, which is a rather marvellous state of modern affairs, and is called 'Romantic Bristol: Writing the City', which you could download for your smartphone here. I also wrote a review of Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson's collection #UntitledOne, which is a collection of Neu Reekie's finest moments, for Sabotage Reviews. I also wrote an article for the trailblazing journal that Kevin Williamson is involved with called Bella Caledonia. That article is called 'Franco's Face' and you can read it here.
Should have some more poetry news soon - and some readings. Will keep my huge and constantly transmogrifying readership posted. Don't go asking too many questions.

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