26 September 2015

Bolaño at the Matadero, Madrid

The Swimmer and I went on a visit to the Matadero, a place I hadn't been to for years. I'd been to a rave there many years ago but since it has been so beautifully renovated I haven't. It made the Swimmer throw up her hands with joy. 

It's an incredible space and, de repente, we came across a Roberto Bolaño exhibition. I've read a few of his sprawling, over-spilling works and so far so good, but I have made a list of more to read. At the Archivo Bolaño the Swimmer and I were presented with a huge array of personal effects, pamphlets, family photos and youthful manifesti. 

It was more of a trawl and a moment to cherish the cool and quiet of the gallery in an extremely sweltering Madrid. But one thing caught my eye especially. 

I love these 'ridiculous and heroic' poets of ages past, I love the emotional plea to read, and I love this late 1970s work that was his last collection of poetry and published four years after his death, and dedicated to his son, Lautaro.  

Look after your books! Read the poets! Listen to their song! 

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