04 August 2013

Badger Runs, holloways, stunted trees, hedgerows

I'm pretty obsessed with the badger runs that I have been finding around my family's place in North Devon.

I saw a badger the other night - snuffling its way self-importantly up the road at the back of the house. Noisy. Big. On a mission. During the day time these badger runs are just mysterious portals into a netherworld I can know nothing about. 

I also like weeds, or plants that behave like weeds, or aliens. Along the hedgerows of Devon they look like jewels.

I can't tell you the way to the badgers, but there is a beautifully-named town in the other direction. It overlooks the sea, and boats. There is a train station there. I locked eyes with a bearded Spanish man on the little train as we drew into the station the other day; he looked like he might have been a badger in another life.

Opposite this sign there is a stunted tree. Badgers worship here, and pass by into the netherworld.

These are old ways, after all. I've just received Robert Macfarlane's new book 'Holloway', and can't wait to read it.