02 October 2012

The Rialto/ Scottish Review of Books/ Literary Dundee/ Screech Owl: Autumn 2012

I recently reviewed the elegiac, mysterious 'The Old Ways' by Robert Macfarlane for the Scottish Review of Books. I explore the appearance of ghosts and the spectral nature of wayfaring that Macfarlane recognises along his way, and if you feel so inclined you could read that here.

I've also got a poem coming out in Literary Dundee's most recent anthology. The Dundee Literary Festival is well worth a look - loads of interesting folk will be there, the Makar Liz Lochhead being one of them.

I was inordinately chuffed to have my poem 'Baud' longlisted for the Rialto (with the RSPB) and their 'Nature Poetry Competition'. I once wrote a very rude poem about Sir Andrew Motion, so am glad he has decided my more recent poems are not quite so bad. May that never show the light of day.

Grant Tarbard at The Screech Owl is already clocking up an impressive bunch of poets - George Szirtes, Rob A. Mackenzie etc. The poem I wrote for Edwin Morgan is on there now - it is called 'The Gypsy Principle'.

There are a few good online poetry sites out there now - some established, some newer. Helen Ivory's 'Ink Sweat & Tears' is well-regarded, prolific and well-presented. She published my poem 'Wyoming' a while back. This is turn led me to meeting (virtually) the lovely Josephine McCorcoran who runs 'And Other Poems' - she has an ever-growing selection of excellent poetry that is well worth a look at. My 'Astrology' is also there.