09 November 2011

POE-NERO II/ Poetry Scotland/wrong

There is a question hanging in the air, like a rancid bird strung to a cloud. This means: the question will probably have a negative answer. Why is my Blogger page not working? I cannot add links. I'm going to kick up some stinks. It is really doing my head (in). I might go to bed, instead. Or see red. Or make someone DEAD, preferably the person who invented Blogger.

I am supposed to be telling all and sundry about the article I wrote about Panero for NLP, an article that replies to a year's worth of translators and editors and fans buzzing around the last one I wrote. But instead I am going to jump into a boat. But not gloat.

http://newlinearperspectives.wordpress.com/poetry/poe-nero-ii-chinese-whispers/ (this looks pretty budget - but click on, my clickers)

I also have a poem coming out in Poetry Scotland called 'Violin'. I would provide you with a link. But you have to go and buy it - it is only £1 - and if you read my interview with doyenne of Scottish poetry Sally Evans, you'd know that. Unless you are a cat. Or a fat-cat. In which case it would not interest you at all.

Man alive! I cannot even use italics! This is making me sicks. I really want to pummel you with sticks, Google-Blogger of Despair. Like an angry dominatrix. What a fix.

It will not even let me add a photograph. I would laugh. But I won't. Instead I will fix that problem. With Balzac! Wasn't he a rotund gentleman?

Today has not gone as planned.