23 November 2010

Busy times ahead: poetry, go-reborn and New Linear Perspectives

After a short sojourn whilst I've been getting myself some edu-kay-shun at a real live University, here is an update for you all on up-and-coming exploits.

I've been writing lots of poetry; the appearance of 'Gas' in quirky writing magazine Collective Fallout was great. I'm aiming for the big guns now, hence the fact I haven't been putting it up on my blog, but instead have been running it past my best critics, my Dad, and Pat Neil, who has recently written another piece for New Linear Perspectives called 'The Spider on the Differential', which you can read here.

Last week at go-reborn in Edinburgh was great fun, I met some interesting peeps. I especially liked Asta Pestkunaite, whose work reminded me of Archimboldo, and who spent some time explaining the brilliant and haunting theory behind her portraits. Her website is here. I also had a nice chat with artist David Lemm, who helps run the pop-up space at Such & Such on Brunswicke Street. His stuff is ace - all shadowy figures and geometrical shapes - so I'm hoping for a collabo with him soon. He has already painted for poetry, as it were, in the last Pop-Shots magazine, so watch this space.

My old sparring partner Jaco Justice did a brilliant job at go-reborn last weekend, so I was really proud of him. The new website with the new blog space (which I will be hosting) and the wicked new on-line store are available to look at now, so have a skeg as we say in Yorkshire. The usual suspects were involved, especially Jono Freemantle, Fleur MacIntosh from the amazing boutique Godiva, photographer Dave Anderson and some new faces.

Otherwise, genius artist friend and blogger at the Spectator Claudia Massie and I have been working on a project for some time called New Linear Perspectives. It is an arts and culture on-line literary magazine that has already seen some amazing writers involved. Claudia is taking a break from the day-to-day running of it for a few months and will be handing that job over to me, so there should be a lot more info on that soon. It is a really exciting project and different from stuff I have done before. We are also lucky to have Zoe Green, poet and writer, on board, which is a real coup.

I'm back on the blog tip now so there will be loads of new incoming.