15 April 2010

Alan Fentiman/ Gilling Gig on Tour

It is nice to have talented friends and family. Alan Fentiman is an super-talented (and award-winning) film-maker and DJ who also happens to be married to my sister. His website is here where you can see him interviewing the likes of ex-KLF money-burner Bill Drummond and artist Stephen Mathewson to name a couple.

He is also filming Willie and Greg Giles' progress as they continue their meteoric rise in the echelons of rock with the continued success of Gilling Gig. They are taking on a massive challenge: touring the North East with their usual (and some new) faces, as always collecting money for charity (so far over £3500) with the culmination of all this ROCKIN' being a concert in Newcastle City Hall in 2011.

They also happen to be my father and brother, so a natural element of familial pride creeps into this blog. But also - what an amazing project! Check out the whole rock-frazzled behemoth here. I'll be keeping you updated and obviously rocking with them as they sprinkle the North East with a little bit of that Giles magic.
Image courtesy of Alan Fentiman at www.alanfentiman.co.uk