25 March 2010

Miss Dahl

I very much enjoyed Sophie Dahl's new cooking programme the other night. Most interesting was the reaction to it. The horrific Jan Moir wrote another spiteful piece in the Daily Mail, saying she was "no Nigella" and other various unnecessary things. Giles Coren, hilariously, called it a "sickening sham". My favourite TV critic, Nancy Banks-Smith, was much kinder. Banks-Smith is wise, and knows when something is light, fluffy and "like a day-old chick". She exhorts us all not to "stamp on it" and I think Moir and Coren could take a leaf out of her book. Whatever your feelings for Miss Dahl, anyway, do try the halibut with sweet potato chips, fried wild mushrooms and garlic and a herby creme fraiche sauce. It's very good.

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