18 February 2010

Ted McCagg

Being a great fan of nonsense surrealist cartoonists such as Glaswegian David Shrigley (if you haven't looked at 'Why we got the sack from the museum' - do it forthwith), I was pleased to discover the hilarious Ted McCagg yesterday. He seems alarmingly talented, but I must tell the world. You see, without people like Ted, we'd all fall into a doze of boredom until the lights just went out. Believe me. Oh - and he shares a name with Ted Hughes - another Ted we'd be worse off without.
He (McCagg - Hughes too literally earthy and doomy at this time of required calm) is keeping me going as I pack my bags for yet another move across the wild countryside of Stirlingshire. With all my signature items packed - silver cigarette tin, hairclips, monkey nuts - I am indeed just another plain old manatee.

Gasp and titter at Ted's pictures here.

Marvel at Ted's magical plethora of talents here.

Thanks to Ted for letting me use his work to spruce up my blog.

1 comment:

  1. The Ted's are talented indeed. Pillow talk hits the right notes; Lice, i don't have enough hair to attract these critters!