16 September 2009


Holy cow! What a summer it's been. Now, as always, onwards and upwards - I'm just trying out some stuff for the Sunday Times Short Story Competition as last night I dreamed I won huge amounts of money and spent it all on Scottish castles and priceless vintage champagne - considering the ST are shelling out £25,000 to the winner, and that my dreams are always haunting vignettes in an otherwise stagnant pit of despair - I'm saying - let's do it!

For those addicted to irony, here's a repeat of my past triumphant fuck-off-fest 'Futurism'. Geddit?

There´s a bed, an alarm clock and a line of

uncounted sheep waiting to eke me out of this dogme

dream I keep having, but each time I doze off to

'Action!' I´m Lars von Try-hard directing my past lives -

ugly heads rear, a hydra´s memory bank

muddled with washed-out faces and words

blurring the Icelandic soundtrack that tick-tocks in tongues

with me reflected in the camera lens. The rooks, overused

set pieces from some Streep bird-woman epic,

shift and bustle heavily and scowl, cowls and wings sticking

my Oscar-worn face like butter to the dream. I´m

stuck in strips and run criss-cross over

the set, lines on a hangar floor with Nicole

barking up from the grid, the dogme dog that lost

her cue. (Off-set she´s no less off world, woof after

method woof in her caravan while I switch

the late night channels to Cruise control). If like me

you´ve been living in a box for the past few years – not

that "out of the box" fandango that preaches bungee-jumping,

bongs and brave new worlds – then tomb raiders and

movie stars are still God and I´m walking

a never-never path slung together

by mountains, spit and trouble. Look me up under

dream-weaver to the stars, Google-heads, I can afford to

delicately duplicate verse, line after line, dropping geek-by-

night mysticism and lit by top of the range lamplight.

You can watch me every time I make a mistake and

continue dying, one more talking head

nodding to the tumble and fall of the universe.

Futurism, AFG

1 comment:

  1. "Don't be afraid of the space between
    your dreams and reality. If you can
    dream it, you can make it so."
    - Belva Davis