27 July 2009

go reborn

Introducing ‘go reborn’, Edinburgh’s pop-up guerrilla collective, who are bringing to the capital a collaborative and creative space & showroom for one month over the festival.

Godiva Boutique owner Fleur Macintosh has revolutionised the vintage and recycled fashion scene with a massively successful made-to-measure line currently flying off the rails. Her hardcore one-off mentality within Edinburgh’s fashion scene has been aped but never mastered, and this summer we take it a step further with the ‘go reborn’ initiative.

Located in the iconic ex-Venue on Calton Road, this unique central hub of creative excellence will also showcase art, design, nu-media and crafts with local and national artists. Projects include creating live canvas work which ‘go reborn’ fashion designers will work up on-site, turning out finished wearable products for visitors to witness first hand. Visual artists and musicians will also feature at special bespoke functions. At ‘go reborn’ you can expect seminars and events showcased in a top class space towering over the festival with a majestic view of the Crags and from our turret watch Edinburgh sprawled out beneath.

Pop-up culture is by nature elusive. But when it does appear, oozing out of the pavement cracks, something very special occurs. Think Fritz Lang-inspired Tunnel 228, a 15-day culture happening in the bowels of the English capital that shook London to its very core. Even The Clash’s Mick Jones has taken advantage of the supernatural pop-up beast and opened a temporary rock n’ roll library for treasure-hunting geek enthusiasts. Fashion weeks across the globe have started to embrace the pop-up culture, with surprise stores springing up in vacant lots across cities full of flamboyant one-off pieces. Anyone can enter a pop-up store, if they can find it, and its short-fused life is born, burns and dies like a comet, quick, frenetic, hot and brilliant. Pop-up is something that grabs its barrio by the scruff of the neck and shakes it - it comes out of nowhere blazing art guns and laughing wildly.

· The ‘go reborn’ collective bring you their vision

· A trailblazing pop-up space for the Edinburgh Festival.

· A creative time-out bubble for passing art lovers and fashion foragers

· A boutique with many of Godiva’s top designers showing and selling their beguiling garments

· Live canvas work, digital art, installations

· In house graphic designers, photographers and nu-media specialists

· Pop-up, come in and go - reborn.

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