26 May 2009

Jolomo Awards: Interview with Claudia Massie

Artist Claudia Massie is well known to this blog. Despite the danger of my blog becoming a Massie family fanzine, it is necessary to support her art due to her brilliance and the desire to recognise deserving talent in these blog pages.

She is a finalist in this year's Jolomo Foundation Awards, a competition "established by the artist John Lowrie Morrison in 2006 to support, encourage and promote the painting of the Scottish landscape".

So here's Claudia Massie in interview with the AFG blog:

What is your artistic background?

I trained at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2000, BA(hons) Drawing and Painting. My studies also included a six month scholarship at the Facultad de bellas artes at the University of Salamanca.

Your earlier stuff was much more urban - have you rejected that style completely or does your current painting still retain some of that?

The shift of focus from urban to rural subjects is chiefly a result of moving from the city to the country. I paint what I see around me, and currently that is a rural landscape. Also, having spent a few years working with the urban landscape I found it good to have a new challenge, one which encouraged a different approach both technically and mentally. I think that my work with architecture still has an impact on my style as I feel there is still quite a strong structural composition at work in the rural landscapes.

How do you see your painting developing?

My painting develops with every painting I do. I have practically everything still to learn and can only continue to improve, refine my skills, and push my work forward. Time will tell where it all goes but hopefully it'll be a good place!

What do you say to journalists who write of 'Jolomo' as a reactionary and traditionalist? (see Times article here)

Well, I guess that would be a fair assessment really, but it is not neccasarily a bad thing is it? Having met the man, I can assure you that he is someone with a real love, and knowledge, of painting. Why should he be interested in conceptualism if he doesn't like it? It's not in the same field really so it's a bit like knocking a classical music lover for not buying Eminem records. (Personally, I like Sibelius AND Eminem.) I'm not sure how much other, more fashionable and acclaimed artists are doing to help the next generation, so perhaps people should bear that in mind too. Jolomo is actually trying to help other artists.

What plans/projects do you have outside of your landscape painting?

All I really want to do is paint as much as I can. In a fantasy world I would also become a competent photographer, but right now it's just about the paint.

Claudia's work can be seen this weekend (29-31 May) at Lloyds TSB head office, 120 George St, Edinburgh. 10am - 5pm as part of the Jolomo prize shortlisted artists' exhibition.

In August she will be exhibiting with Camilla Watson at the Flaubert Gallery, Edinburgh

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  1. The talented artist deserves high praise indeed. We wish Claudia success. Is the quarry collection based on Ballachulish slate ? deep blue-black, Sal the geologist is curious