16 March 2009

The Amorphous Blob Is Rejected Twice In One Week

Crapola. Poem after poem sent to thrilling mags, and none of the high-falutin' buggers want to publish them. Lucky I'm not bitter. Sadly I have spent so much time gorging myself to satisfy the food blog I resemble a balloon. AND - they have taken to calling me the Amorphous Blob. In retaliation for this terrible treatment, I punish you with this:

If you had a choice
Amidst the haste and noise
Which would you choose:
Or poetry?
(Perhaps you’d prefer booze?)
Zesty wine consumption is known
To leave you dying all alone
Chewing on gristle and bone
And none of your mates phone you.
And also
News – that gristle makes you fat,
All that poetry
Requires is that you jump
Off a roof top
Or other such drama
To re-imagine your karma.
The good news is
This blog gives you both
No need to commit hara-kiri
Just bring out the piri-piri.
Poetry is far more
Than eating.
And drinking.
Phew. I think I'd better

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