29 January 2009

Massie/Giles collabo

North From Strathearn, oil on canvas, 30" x 48"

This is a collabo between deeply talented artist Massie and myself.

North from Strathearn

For Claudia Massie

I saw the Artist rip down shreds of
Light from the edge of the globe last
Night; she stood up on her stool, a painterly
Arc from hip to quiff, mauling bunches
Of grey and black, all the tempest swam
In thick oil to make storm-clouds
With fingertips and the moody sky-
Fug blushed. You slip in it, muddily
Suspended like a mosquito in amber for a
Million years in a Jurassic landscape held at
Arm’s length, banked up in swimming
Curves with the cumulus light on it.
Driving through the shining slick of Perthshire,
Once, she mapped out beams on the hillside and
For a second we hovered on the cusp, carved
Out in canvas, sliding in and out of frame,
Painting ourselves in deep rainwater red as the
Artist dotted the home-lights in the distance.
The world streaked by in the half-light and the
Horizon showed up in globules. I see the Artist
Peel back old paint a hundred years away, her
Dark day afternoon established behind bars
By the state and insured for a sum - that
Sombre glow we chased across the hillside
Last lifetime and held against us, breathing.
Now, the Artist, wisps of grey hair clipped up,
Cold winter hare under barbed wire, casts
Flakes of pearly oil and chinks of that old
Scottish maelstrom lurking in the uplit
Gloom escape, living, into the future.

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