17 December 2008

Mar's Wark, Stirling

Who knows what they really get up to behind the forbidding gates in Mar's Wark these days, but I made something up that might interest you. Mar's Wark was commissioned around 1569 by the Earl of Mar, heriditary Keeper of Stirling Castle and one time Regent of Scotland during the minority of James VI. The Earls of Mar were originally the Erskine Family who were appointed by David II as heriditary keepers of Stirling Castle. Stone came from Cambuskenneth Abbey. The Earl of Mar was Guardian of the infant King James VI of Scotland. It was a wonderfully gloomy and somewhat tatty place that I visited today, but certainly redolent with former glory, some excellent and fierce looking gargoyles.
Earl of Mar’s House: Stirling

Black rugged frontage bubbles out of
The graveyard manacled to the hillside
From times gone; an insane angel built
It here to house black deeds, perhaps,
Or a cradle for a prince, his mother mad
Out flying with demon lords, his father
Moon-white and lying in state in the night
Garden. But today the mountain is
Littered with plastic bulging with
Semen, dark words
Scrawled across walls and phone
Numbers offering service in this lord’s
House where a telephone would have
Seemed a witch’s device, unthinkable.
Now it’s the past that looks out of
Time as the manor house gasps and crumbles,
Shifting in and out of the chalky hillside
As people beetle about it, fucking over gravestones
Where once there were kings.

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